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Joseph Mastrando is a psychologist in Philadelphia. He's the director of Better Health Wellness, LLC, a mental health center. 2017 was Mastrando's founding year. His staff treats cognitive and behavioral issues.

Mr. Mastrando is a 25-year mental health sector veteran. After witnessing a family member's addiction and mental illness, he became a mental health practitioner. He began his career in drug and alcohol rehabilitation institutions.

Mr. Mastrando founded Clean Days Sober Nights after four years of sobriety counseling. At the time, the rehabilitation house included addiction and mental health therapies. Over a decade, Mr. Mastrando ran Clean Days Sober Nights. He gathered a lot of experience while running the recovery program and uses it now.

Role of Joseph Mastrando
Five years ago, Mr. Mastrando launched Better Health Wellness, LLC. Many patients from different parts of the U.S. had trouble collecting insurance payments while working at Clean Days Sober Nights.

Mr. Mastrando believes that anyone seeking addiction treatment should be able to go to the facility that best matches their needs. Better Health Wellness, LLC maintains qualifications in numerous areas so patients can receive therapy without transferring insurance.
Better Health Wellness, LLC offers mental health treatments and addiction therapy for holistic recovery. He believes that clients must obtain mental health treatment and stay on their existing drugs to offer them the best chance at recovery.

Better Health Wellness, LLC, is under Mr. Mastrando's leadership. Every week, the staff delivers treatment services to help patients avoid self-medicating with illegal narcotics. Mr. Mastrando believes in offering patients full services so they can lead healthy, productive lives.

In addition to drug and alcohol counseling and treatment services, Mr. Mastrando specializes in aiding persons battling with the following mental health conditions:
Joseph Mastrando has worked with patients on drugs and alcohol like Suboxone, Subutex, Vivitrol, and Naltrexone. In his capacity, he oversees personnel, patients, insurance providers, and program design.
Joseph Mastrando treats individuals with addiction and mental health difficulties through evidence-based rehabilitation strategies. He is always learning and keeping up with the latest trends in mental health and addiction rehabilitation. He's always looking for new ways to aid his clients.